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[Filtered to Barbossa, hackable to Link (because it's just generally hackable but has plot armor or something, I dunno)]

Mr. Barbossa, give the order to sail as far up Zora River as the banks allow. I shall rendezvous with the ship just north of Hisumi.

The Zora's Sapphire is ours.
We're leaking crewmates, we are. I remember a time when a pirate would sail with the same crew most of his life. Truly, these times are lacking in loyalty. I can see why the Emperor saw fit to make such an issue over honor with this little tiff.

Wes--Roberts! Dread Pirate Roberts. The Pearl will be heading mainland. I've caught wind of something interesting to be going after. Do you intend to accompany us?

Aug. 12th, 2009

Where the devil did Mr. Cordova run off? None of the lifeboats are missing.

Mr. Watertribe! Search the ship for the missing man. I shall be in my cabin... recuperating. We're almost out of rum after all that.
[Filtered to Mazane Enma]

Fortunately timed festival, wasn't it? It would have been truly painful to betray your inspiring hospitality by liberating something that belonged to you, but miraculously I was distracted! Would it be too bold of me to propose a future in such peaceful docking arrangements between my ship fleet and your clan?


Thank you, thank you! I believe I can be called the de facto winner of this year's Dragon Boat races. See you there next year, good people of the continent! And as a note to the venerable Emperor Rokujo: thank you for your rather official recognition of my talents. And thank you for the gem! It'll prove quite useful, I'm sure.

Captain's Log - 1

To anyone in a politically advantageous position who finds him or herself in possession of a Tengu journal, could I have your attention please?

I captain a ship that is currently running low on supplies in the waters off Echiki. Since we are unable to make land there, I was thinking of heading up one of the rivers to find a hospitable port. The problem with that of course is that I can't waste time sailing up and down and all around hoping to find such a port. Savvy?

If any one of you provincial leaders is feeling particularly charitable to a tired, motley crew of merchant seamen, your welcome would be appreciated.


Captain Jack Sparrow

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